Animal Volunteers

Animal Volunteers work under the direct supervision of the Animal Care staff. They will perform routine work assignments involving maintenance and care of Zoo habitats and animal care areas. They may also participate in research and/or behavior studies.

Animal Care Volunteers do not handle animals but will generally assist with the upkeep of their habitats. General responsibilities include cleaning habitats (everything from removing waste to washing windows), diet preparation, animal observations, and preparing animal enrichment.

Please note: This is a highly competitive program with limited spots. All applicants will be reviewed and selected based on availability, experience, and commitment. Any Animal Volunteers found not meeting requirements may be removed from the program at any time.

Apply to be an Animal Care Volunteer: Click Here!

Please note, volunteer needs and shift availability varies with each Animal Care Team. When submitting your application, you can indicate which team(s) you are interested in volunteering with. Animal Care Teams reach out to candidates as they have shifts and positions available.

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