Animal Shows

Amazing Animal Ambassadors

Come see our Amazing Animal Ambassadors as they show off their skills and talents to impress the judges: the audience! Iguanas, snakes, goats, and birds are just some of the competitors you'll see.

Wings of Wonder (WOW) Bird Show

Take flight with our Wings of Wonder (WOW) bird show! This powerful natural-behavior bird show will bring you closer to our winged friends and ignite the wondrous world of flight right in front of you and over you. The stars of the show are many and change daily with each show.

Cha-cha, our East African Crowned Crane, will mesmerize you with his stealth-like flying ability and his magnificent strut. The largest species of hornbill, the Southern Ground Hornbill, with his booming prehistoric appearance built for the hot sun on the African savannah, will defy gravity with its 14-pound frame — that’s heavy for a bird! Hold onto your seats when the Great Horned Owl’s stern facial expressions and glowing yellow eyes pierce the air.

Sea Lion Splash

Our five sea lions will delight you with their playful antics each day! Join us for an educational and interactive show experience that will leave you cheering.

Sea Lion Splash is Sponsored by U.S. Bank

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