Giving Tree | Kansas City Zoo

Giving Tree

Our 1,700 animals need love year round and we are asking for your help! Animal enrichment is an important part of keeping our animals happy and healthy. Many of these enrichment items can be found in your home. Maybe you were going to throw out that old bucket, but Berlin would love to play with it.

Zoo lovers can choose an item from the giving tree in the Zoo Lobby or from the list below and donate that item to our animals. We will be distributing your donated enrichment items to the animals throughout the year.

Items can be dropped off at Guest Relations during normal business hours. Thank you for your generosity!

Amazon Wish List

Animal Wishlist

Discovery Zone

Discovery Barn, W.O.W. Birds
Gift Notes
Cuttle Bones  2 Needed
Yellow Tennis Balls  1 Needed
Framed Door Mirror  2 Needed
Medium size parrot toys  3 Needed
Large size parrot toys  3 Needed
Bag of unsalted mixed nuts with shells
Muffin Tin  1 Needed

Water’s Edge

Polar Bear, Penguins, River Otters
Gift Notes
Laser Pointers
Canned salmon
Canned tuna
Canned chicken
Canned Sardines  In water not oil
Antler Chews Large sized, for dogs
Scented Chapstick
Goldfish Crackers
Crepe paper streamers
Plastic Barrels
Christmas lawn ornaments
Plastic saucer sleds
Five gallon buckets  Different Colors needed
Real bacon bits
Jello/pudding Sugar free
Spices Nothing spicy/hot
Large plastic balls Softball size or larger
Glade plug-in air fresheners and refills


Lion, Rhino, Giraffe, Zebra, Hoofstock
Gift Notes
Baby pools
New cat carpet climbing structure  Any Sizes
Fischer Price Outdoor toys
Heavy duty carabineers (lots!)
Flatscreen TV Used is fine
Hunting Decoys any type
Heavy duty Boomer Balls Any size,
Heavy duty small Bobbin or larger
Blue Hay Horse Feeders
Health E-Z Horse Feeder
Plastic Measuring cups any size
Lowe’s gift cards  any type


Gibbons, Small Monkeys, Crested Screamer
Gift Notes
Bubble Bath Children’s formula must be tear-free
Feather Boas Sold in party stores
Grass skirts NOT plastic
Rotating disco ball  Light-up from Walmart
Masks Halloween or other
Bird Toys  medium or large birds
Fleece Blankets Any size or remnants
Crepe Paper  Any Colors
Hand Puppets


Elephants, Sea Lions
Gift Notes
Bubble Machine
Large Mirror
Scent Sprays
Unflavored Gelatin
Dry Pasta
Gatorade Powder
Hand saws/Chain saws
Large kong dog toys
Large Mirror  3×6 ft
Soccer Balls


Chimpanzee, Painted Dogs, Baboons, Hippos
Gift Notes
Jello and Pudding Mixes Sugar free
Condiments Ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce, salad dressings, etc.
Bubble Bath  No-Tear formula
Plastic sand box toys
Air-Popped Popcorn
Dried Fruit
Non-toxic Tempera paint


Gorilla, Cheetah, Leopard, African Aviary
Gift Notes
Plastic Bowling Set
Plain popcorn kernels
Radio with CD Player 3 Needed
Dry Pasta Any Type
Hot Plate
Grape Vine Wreaths Multiple needed
Wicker Baskets
Crepe Paper Streamers
Hand Puppets
Large Hand Mirrors


Australia/ Asia

Orangutan, Tigers, Small Monkeys, Kangaroos, Australia Aviary
Gift Notes
Plastic Shower Rings
Non-Toxic Bubble Bath
Sidewalk Chalk
Fleece Blankets
Super Tough XL Dog toys Kong etc
Suet Feeders
Air Pop Popcorn Popper
Pig Ears Dog Treats
Baby Food
Mixed Nuts Unsalted
Essential Oils and Extracts
Herbs and Spices
Portable Radio
Portable DVD Player
 Phone Books
 Flat Sheets