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School Resources

Whether you are looking for ideas to enhance classroom curriculum or activities to do with your students during your Zoo visit, we have something for you. Try one of these wild ideas.

Year of the Frog Activities

Amphibian Word Search – Download PDF

Critter Confusion – Download PDF

Amphibian Superheroes – Download PDF

Toad Abode – Download PDF

Classroom, Zoo Visit and Post Visit Activities

All activities are aligned with science standards and benchmarks

Who Am I ? (Grades K-4) – Download PDF

Who Goes Where? (Grades 2-4) – Download PDF

Who Can? I Can! (Grades 2-5) – Download PDF

Who Are You? (Grades 2-6) – Download PDF

Who Lives Here? (Grades 3-7) – Download PDF

Population Dynamics (Grades 9-12) – Download PDF

Helpful Vocabulary – Download PDF

Self-Guided Zoo Scavenger Hunts

Australia  Download PDF  Download Answers

Tiger Trail – Download PDF  Download Answers

Discovery Barn – Download PDF  Download Answers

Africa – Download PDF  Download Answers