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Sustainable Seafood Matters

One of the biggest conservation issues facing many species of penguins is the decline in populations of their food. Due primarily to human practices, fish species around the globe are losing numbers and the vital food web of the Southern Ocean is threatened. Fortunately, through programs like Seafood Watch™, people can make a positive impact by making smart choices and letting their voices be heard.   Humans have had a deep relationship with the ocean for thousands of years. For most of that time, a balance existed between the ocean’s ability to sustain life and habitats, and what we take from it. Seafood is gaining popularity around the world as a “healthier choice”. Due to this new demand, the importance of sustainable practices and worldwide awareness is more important than ever.

Sustainable Seafood Soiree

Each year the Kansas City Zoo hosts an evening of sustainability education and scrumptious seafood. This year's event was held at Helzberg Penguin Plaza, helping to illustrate the importance of sustainable fisheries to penguins and other sea dwelling animals.


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