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FOTZ Events and Activities

There are many events and activities that are reserved for FOTZ members only.

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FOTZ Activities

Backyard Action Heroes!

A Backyard Action Hero (BAH) is someone who is really into wildlife their habitats and is ready to protect them in their own backyard and other parts of the world. This monthly program is exclusively online and is designed for our younger members who are willing to get hands-on when it comes to making a statement for conservation. BAH "edu-tains" FOTZ members ages 5-12 by promoting conservation and engaging them with relevant projects that can be done at home.

Each month families can download a monthly guidebook full of fun facts and activities. Themed activities highlight the monthly message of nature and conservation, inspiring kids to really become heroes. Complete 8 out of 12 months and get a prize! It's time to take action!

Funded by and in partnership with Zoo Learning Fund



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