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Christmas in July

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Give a Gift to the Animals!

It may be Summer but we are bringing back the holiday spirit with Christmas in July. Our 1,100 hundred animals need love year round and we are asking for your help! Animal enrichment is an important part of keeping our animals happy and healthy. Many of these enrichment items can be found in your home. Maybe you were going to throw out that old bucket, but Nikita and Berlin would love to play with it. 

During the month of July, we are asking our Zoo lovers to choose an item from the giving tree in the gift shop or the virtual giving tree online and donate that item to our animals. We will be distributing your donated enrichment items at our Wildly Fun Day on Saturday, July 19 and our Back to School Day on Saturday, August 2.

You can find the giving tree on our website or in the gift shop. Items can be dropped off at Guest Relations during normal business hours. Thank you for your generosity in July!

For Lion, Chimps, Rhinos, Giraffe and other Hoofstock

Bath towels

Kong Toys (Large and XL)

Non-toxic bubble bath

5 gallon buckets with lids

Medium or Large Stuffed Dog Toys (no squeakers)


Pig Ear Dog Treats

Nylabones (Large or XL)

Tempera Paints

Condiments (Mustard, Ketchup, BBQ Sauce etc)

Spinning Sprinkler

Blankets, Sheets, Towels

Sugar Free Jello

Cat Scratching Post

Boomer Balls

XL and Large Rawhides

Easter Eggs

Baby Pools


 Whiffle Balls

 For Tropics

Bubble Machine

Window clings (Holiday etc)


Tupperware Containers

Tear Free Bubble Bath

Dog Puzzle Feeders


Grass Skirts

Unsalted Pistachios

Dry Erase Markers

Animal hand Puppets

Plastic Pencil Cases

Rubbermaid Containers

Ceramic food and water bowls

8x10 Canvases

 For Tigers, Singing Dogs, Australian Aviary and Kangaroos

Calvin Klein Obsession for Men (Tigers LOVE IT)

Stainless Steel Skewers

Boomer Balls

New Dog Beds

Parrot Toys

Unshelled Mixed Nuts

Stainless Steel Bells

Dry Pasta

Bubble Bath

Crepe Paper

Roll of Butcher Paper

Home Depot Gift Cards

Punching Bag (Kangaroos!)

Folding Hand Saws

Impact Drill

 For Gorilla, Cheetah, Bongo, Leopard and African Aviary

Vegetable/Herb Seeds

Crepe Paper Streamers


Flavored Bubbles


Blankets, Sheets, and/Towels

Small Bird/Parrot Toys


Sheet Sets

Large and XL Kong toys

For Sea lions and Elephants


Incense with holder

Non-Toxic Bubble Bath


Animal DVDs

Hard rubber dog toys

Coyote Decoy

Large Mirror (flexible kind)

Sidewalk Chalk

Hand/Chain saws

Disco Ball

Bubble Machine

27" or larger TV

DVD Player

Ocean Sound CD/DVD


For Nikita, Berlin, River Otters and Penguins

Sugar free candy

Small boomer balls

Almond, strawberry, and banana extract

Sunflower Butter

Duck or Goose Decoys

Saucer sleds

Non-toxic bubble bath

Christmas lawn ornaments


Milkbones (Polar Bear, River Otter)

5 gallon buckets

Plastic frisbees

Canned tuna, salmon and sardines

Lava Lamp (for River Otters)

Antler Dog Chew

Plastic sand box

Crepe paper streamers

Baby pools

Canine Carryouts (River Otters, Polar Bear)

Non-Toxic Paint