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Penguin Researcher to Conduct Study at Helzberg Penguin Plaza

Penguin Researcher to Conduct Study at Helzberg Penguin Plaza




Julie Neemeyer

Director of Marketing & Membership

Penguin Researcher to Conduct Study at Helzberg Penguin Plaza

November 18, 2013



Kansas City Zoo: The waddling inhabitants of the Helzberg Penguin Plaza have been charming penguin lovers from all over the Kansas City area and now they are attracting an admirer from afar. Dr. Heather Lynch, a penguin researcher and Stony Brook (NY) University Professor, is conducting research at the Zoo in the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri, Penguin Ice Paradise. Dr. Lynch will share her research on Thursday, November 21 in the Zoo’s Lobby Auditorium at 12:15 p.m. and is free with Zoo admission or Friends of the Zoo Membership.


The focus of Dr. Lynch’s research is the vocalizations of Gentoo penguins. The study titled, “Acoustic evolution and its role in Gentoo penguin colony formation” will be an evaluation of audio and visual recordings that aim to answer questions about the way Gentoo penguins communicate with one another.  Dr. Lynch and her student, Maureen Lynch, will spend time inside the cold water exhibit observing and recording the sounds and movements of our Gentoo penguins.


Penguin Ice Paradise is home to 33 cold weather penguins: 6 King penguins, 23 Gentoo penguins and 4 Southern Rockhopper penguins. These feathered friends love their new home, featuring a 100,000 gallon 45 degree cool water pool and real snow. Dr. Lynch is sure to be impressed by this world-class penguin exhibit.


Join us on Thursday, November 21 at 12:15 p.m. to learn about the exciting and ground breaking research happening at our very own Helzberg Penguin Plaza.