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Hunk a' Hunk of Burning Love



Julie Neemeyer

Director of Marketing/Membership

Hunk a' Hunk of Burning Love

November 14, 2013


KCZoo:   While we know the love between Nikita and Berlin happened, Elvis, the dog celebrity who is helping with a study on sniffing out pregnancies in polar bears took the Kansas City Zoo to the “heartbreak hotel” this morning.  According to Elvis, Berlin is not pregnant. However, we are continuing her care as though she may be pregnant.  He “ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog” and got all of us “all shook up” about the possibilities, but we knew whatever the results were we would continue to keep her comfortable in her quiet behind-the-scenes area.

Polar bears can exhibit pregnancy-type behaviors even though they may not be pregnant, but the “will she or won’t she?” question will continue into January.  Zoo Keepers and our professional staff will watch her behaviors closely monitoring her appetite and her time spent in her den.

If Elvis was correct, Berlin will be reintroduced to Nikita in early winter in hopes another connection occurs.