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Field Trips to the Zoo

Bring the animal kingdom to life for your class.  Tips for easy scheduling of your trip to the Zoo:

  • Reservations must be made in advance; please note the busiest times for field trips are April and May.  You may want to consider other months or a Monday or Tuesday to visit.
  • All groups must have 1 chaperone per 10 students.  Chaperones received complimentary admission and are requested to stay with students at all times.
  • Cost per student is $5.  Zoological District Schools (Jackson or Clay Counties in Missouri) receive free admission with an advance reservation.
  • When reserving, please know the date and approximate time you will be arriving.  Payment is preferred prior to your scheduled date.  If you plan on paying upon your arrival please allow extra time to check in.
  • Download your Zoo Field Trip Guide Tips and begin your planning.


Bring the Zoo to You

With a large variety of exciting and interactive programs, the Zoomobile brings the world of the wild to you. Connect with nature and wildlife through a fascinating journey featuring awesome artifacts, fun science, captivating stories, and of course, live animals. Choose a 45-minute program that is right for your classroom or assembly to begin this exploration.  Please request online at least 3 weeks in advance.  Cost is based on mileage from the Zoo.

For the Classroom: A great way to supplement your classroom activities, Zoomobile programs are aligned to Common Core standards to give your class the edge through amazing and interactive programs. These programs are designed for classrooms of up to 30 students and include live animals. Classrooms in Jackson and Clay Counties receive a free Zoomobile program once a school year. Up to 30 miles is $125 for the first program; up to 60 miles is $175 and up to 90 miles is $225. Each additional program is $50; up to three programs can be delivered at the same school.

Choose your grade level topic for more information and register today: 






General Audiences

School Assemblies:  Typically in an auditorium, gym, or assembly hall, these Zoomobile programs tie into your curriculum and engage students, ages 5 - 13, in a Zoo-mazing wildlife adventure.  Up to 30 miles is $225 for first program; up to 60 miles is $275 and up to 90 miles is $325.  Each additional program is $100; up to three programs can be presented in one location.  Schools in Jackson and Clay Counties receive one free Zoomobile Assembly program once per school year.

Choose your topic and register today:

  • The Great Amphibian Challenge: Celebrate frogs, toads and salamanders by comparing and contrasting different classes of animals to amazing amphibians.
  • The Food Chain Mystery: Solve the mystery of who ate it by exploring the various roles that make up a food chain.
  • Operation Perfect Pet: Join a top secret mission to find the perfect pet; not all animals make good pets.
  • The Magical World of Animals: Travel around the globe discovering fascinating facts about animals and their homes.


Downloadable Activities

Whether you are looking for ideas to enhance classroom curriculum or activities to do with your students during your zoo visit, we have something for you. Try one of these wild ideas.

Year of the Frog Activities

Amphibian Word Search Download PDF

Critter Confusion Download PDF

Amphibian Superheroes Download PDF

Toad Abode Download PDF

Classroom, Zoo Visit and Post-Visit Activities

All activities are aligned with science standards and benchmarks

Who Am I ? (Grades K-4) Download PDF

Who Goes Where? (Grades 2-4) Download PDF

Who Can? I Can! (Grades 2-5) Download PDF

Who Are You? (Grades 2-6) Download PDF

Who Lives Here? (Grades 3-7) Download PDF

Population Dynamics (Grades 9-12) Download PDF

Helpful Vocabulary Download PDF


Self-Guided Scavenger Hunts

Australia - Download PDF  Download Answers

Tiger Trail Download PDF  Download Answers

Discovery Barn Download PDF  Download Answers

Africa Download PDF  Download Answers

For more information or to schedule a visit, please call 816-595-1765 or email



Amphibian Word Search

Find relevant amphibian terms with our fun and informative word search game. Download PDF

Toad Abode

Amphibians are disappearing quickly. You can help by researching the best habitats for native species of toads. Download PDF